Who are SixteenFifty?

Put simply, SixteenFifty is a specialist technology talent and insights consultancy. Our experienced team are experts in providing exceptional technology talent for our clients and enhancing the careers of the professionals we represent. To achieve this, we leverage our extensive network of contacts, utilise incisive search techniques and substantiate this with deep market insights. We have coverage across all areas of technology leadership and execution, and have particular expertise partnering with progressive enterprise organisations, niche technology consultancies and fast-growth SMBs.

Why SixteenFifty?

The inspiration behind the name SixteenFifty refers to the date 1650 and the oldest known reference to the concept of the recruitment industry. In this year in the UK, a merchant and libertarian by the name of Henry Robinson established “The Office of Addresses & Encounters” in Threadneedle Street, London. Although short lived, this institution sought among other services, to counter high unemployment by directly connecting workers with employers – the concept of recruitment was born.

For us here at SixteenFifty this was a significant moment in history.

Aside from the CV, fax, email and LinkedIn, we have seen little innovation in over 350 years since the industry’s inception. This has inspired us to keep pushing the boundaries of recruitment and leadership search and we are perpetually developing fresh solutions to drive progress within the sector.

The innovation that we have seen, has arguably negatively impacted the industry. The clients and candidates that we speak with, typically feel that recruitment has become increasingly light touch. With the technology solutions available at our fingertips today, the recruitment process and some would say, society as a whole, has become much less relationship driven.

Our commitment and approach are to take the best practices of yesterday, nurturing sustainable and symbiotic relationships and augment them with the emerging technologies of today, to deliver a brighter tomorrow for everyone we represent.

How can SixteenFifty help you?

This really depends on who you are. Whether you are a progressive business wanting to attract high calibre technology-focused talent, or an aspirational professional wanting to drive forward your career, we have a solution to fit.

Although in essence we are a recruitment firm, in practice we deliver much more.

To find out specifically how we can enable your career or business growth, please get in touch for a commitment-free discussion.

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