Traditionally the technology recruitment sector has been client driven and it is almost impossible to find a technology professional, who as a candidate, hasn’t felt let down by a recruitment firm. Although you are positioned in a talent-short market and companies are investing in technology more than ever, there is fierce competition to secure the best career opportunities and contract engagements.

At SixteenFifty we understand you expect more from the partner that represents you in the market. Our philosophy is to build long term valuable relationships with the aspirational professionals we support. We are highly selective of who we represent, which has allowed us to develop a solution that enables you to cut through the competition and achieve career step change:

Stand Out from the Crowd

SixteenFifty leverages technology solutions that enable you to stand out. No longer will you just be one of a giant stack of CVs on a hiring manager’s desk. We are on a mission to eradicate unconscious bias and our approach ensures that your true calibre and capability are perceived first time.

Career Coaching

Our service is much more sophisticated than sending your profile to a role. If you are represented by SixteenFifty you will engage with an industry expert. We will work with you to optimise your CV and professional profile, improve your interview technique, assess capability and competency development areas and provide career coaching. Even if you decide not to progress with a specific role, you will find the SixteenFifty process valuable.

Market Insights

As industry experts, SixteenFifty consultants provide market insights not accessible elsewhere. We provide qualitative and quantitative information that enables our candidates to make informed decisions that shape their future career direction.

Proactive Representation

We do not believe in a purely client driven market; SixteenFifty aims to create opportunities for the high calibre professionals we represent. We are highly selective of who we work with and take a long term strategic approach to deliver career step change.

Transparency & Integrity

We value the professionals we represent and your SixteenFifty experience is of paramount importance to us. We pride ourselves in delivering an unparalleled candidate-centric service. Our commitment to you is a clear and transparent process that puts your interests first.

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