Driving technology-enabled change is a complex challenge. Whether you are a large enterprise, a fast-growth SMB or a specialist consultancy delivering change for your customers, the biggest key to success is building a high performing, specialist team.

We understand that attracting, engaging and securing this talent can often be a frustrating, protracted and expensive process, which is why SixteenFifty’s value proposition is simple – we save you time without sacrificing quality.

Leveraging our many years of experience and combining this with the emerging technologies of today, we have developed a specific solution that will enable you to build your ideal team…

Technology-Enabled Campaigns

A SixteenFifty candidate is much more than a CV. Gone are the days of sifting through irrelevant CVs and wasting time in unnecessary interviews. SixteenFifty has developed a technology-leveraged solution that streamlines the recruitment process, enhances candidate assessment and eradicates unconscious bias, saving you time and driving diversity.

Holistic Coverage

When it comes to technology talent, SixteenFifty will become your go-to partner. Our extensive network of top professionals, ranging from strategy shaping leaders to specialist hands-on technologists, combined with our unparalleled proactive search capability, ensures you need look no further than SixteenFifty.

Dedicated Partnership

SixteenFifty will assign an industry expert as a dedicated account manager for your business. This dedicated leader will work to tailor a specific and evolving solution to meet your long-term business needs and will have 360° oversight of each campaign we manage for you. This ensures accountability, consistent quality, transparent communication and a solution that is designed to work for your business.

Quality and Urgency

The SixteenFifty process strikes the optimal balance between quality and urgency. Using our extensive experience in both Executive Search and niche IT Recruitment, our solution combines rigorous candidate assessment with incisive search and selection techniques. This ensures you receive high quality, well qualified talent in specific timelines.

Delivering Your Message

We have developed innovative ways of taking your brand to market. Our hybrid approach leverages both technology solutions and the expertise of our dedicated team who will directly represent your brand. The battle for top talent is fierce and partnering with SixteenFifty will ensure competitive advantage.

Market Intelligence

SixteenFifty has broad and deep market coverage across consulting, industry and the start-up ecosystem, that enables us to provide valuable market intelligence. Whether you require incisive market analysis, specific talent-led insights or bespoke intelligence projects, SixteenFifty has a solution that fits.

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